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Same Day Edit (SDE)

Does your packages include SDE?

Our packages do not include SDE.

How much is SDE?

SDE requires an additional $250 top up.


How long do you need?

We also require a minimum buffer time of 3 hours for editing.

Difference between SDE, highlight & full coverage video

What is SDE?

SDE is mainly a highlight video showcasing the morning events such as gatecrash, tea ceremony etc. The footage is then edited on the same day and played during the banquet for your guests.

What is Highlight video?

Highlight video is where the video showcases the highlights of the whole event. This video will be delivered 3 weeks from the actual day. Video duration would be about 2-7minutes long depending on the event.

What is Full Coverage video?

Full coverage video covers the entire event from the beginning to the end. Example, for highlight, we feature cuts of the gatecrash and tea ceremony whereas for the full coverage, the entire footage will be in. This is mainly for the couple's friends and families or those who weren't able to make it to the wedding. Video duration would be about 20-120mins long, depending on the event.

Why prewedding video instead of SDE?

Many of our clients have been opting for our prewedding shoot to replace their childhood montage and SDE.

Compared to SDE or childhood montage, prewedding video is far more engaging and captivating to the guests as claimed by our clients. It breaks the traditional routine and leaves the guests entertained and with a memorable wedding experience as it is something different.


What is prewedding video like?

Prewedding video shoot can be in any style according to your preference. It can be a story about how the couple met, a day out capturing the sweet moments of the couple dating with voiceover of their vows to one another, a tribute video to their friends and families, a fun get to know the couple video or even a cool-styled video.

Prewedding shoots are recommended to be shot 2 months before the actual wedding day.

Can I stack multiple packages?

Yes you can!


Do arrange transportation for us during the engagement period.

Split charges

Our packages are for running hours, if there's a requirement for splitting, example for dinner banquet, there will be an additional top up.
Same day split $100
Split day $200

Are there any early charges?

No there aren't any!

What if I require add on hours?

Subsequent hours after the package price cost are at

One videographer $100/hr

Two Videographers $150/hr

Photo $90/hr

Livestream $88

Add-on Services

Full Coverage $100

How do I proceed on with engaging TVC?

You can contact us via email at or 

Please state the following
Couple names:

Phone Number:
Bride's address:

Banquet address:

Email address:


Engagement time:


and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

What's the process like after sending in the details?

For wedding

As a form of booking confirmation with us, we will require a 30% deposit after we've sent the Invoice to you. A week prior to your actual day, we'll require the full payment.

For events

As a form of booking confirmation with us, we will require full payment a week before the date of shoot.

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